Create a COVID Compliance Action Plan

When COVID-19 restrictions do lift and organized activities and events including weddings return, venues and organizations will need action plans put in place.  We must change the way we use public spaces to think about our safety and the social well-being of at risk groups. Your plans for COVID Compliance in sports will need to be carefully developed, implemented, maintained and revised.  Cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas will need to be done methodically and frequently to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Things to Consider for COVID Compliance and Sports

The CDC guidelines provide a general framework for cleaning and disinfection practices.  Here at Trinity Event Staffing, we are committed to do all we can to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus.  We will evaluate your venue, school or business to determine what kinds of surfaces and materials make up that area.  Frequently touched surfaces and objects like light switches, door knobs, railings and bleachers will need to be cleaned and then disinfected.  Thus, further reducing the risk of germs on these surfaces and keeping up with COVID compliance. Proactively addressing the growing unease and risks that sports gatherings could create is critical.

Finding Reputable Assistance In Dallas

Trinity Event Staffing can assist venues and organization with development of a disinfection strategy following federal, state, tribal, territorial and local guidelines. The virus that causes COVID-19 can be killed if you use the right products on your surfaces at the proper intervals on the high touch surfaces.

Once your plan for compliance in sports is in place, it’s time to take action.  When considering hiring staff to assist in these meticulous cleaning and disinfection tasks, a reputable, staffing company should be contacted. The company should have professional, background-checked staff that are expertly trained as sanitizing specialists.  Their staff should be reliable, neatly groomed and uniformed. Trinity Event Staffing’s team is well trained to be diligent and persistent to ensure the highest quality standards whether they are blocking off areas, deep cleaning or performing sanitizing services.  The presence of cleaning staff seen on-site by sporting participants and spectators would tell them the establishment or organization is concerned about their safety. 

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